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Welcome to PowerCon 2021

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following subjects of power system technologies.

  • New power system and energy internet
  1. Connotation and construction of new power system
  2. New power system planning
  3. Integrated energy system planning and operation
  4. Resilience power and energy system
  5. Power and integrated energy system reliability
  6. Cloud energy storage and virtual energy storage
  7. Nuclear Power Technology
  8. Clean coal utilization technology
  9. Carbon capture and storage
  • Market and economy in the new power system
  1. Electricity price theory and transmission and distribution price system
  2. Electricity market model and path
  3. Spot market design and operation
  4. Market mechanism to promote the consumption of renewable energy
  5. Ancillary service market
  6. Market mechanism of integrated energy services
  7. Distributed energy trading
  • Demand-side resources of the new power system
  1. Intelligent charging and discharging management of electric vehicles
  2. Energy efficiency and regulation of data centers
  3. Active response to building temperature control load
  4. Smart buildings and smart homes
  5. Distributed energy storage access and operation
  6. Construction and operation of virtual power plant
  • Consumption of renewable energy in new power systems
  1. New energy power forecast
  2. Resource assessment, development and utilization and grid connection of new energy
  3. Configuration and operation of new energy supporting energy storage
  4. Distributed power generation and micro grid technology
  5. New energy power generation control
  • New power system with power electronics
  1. Power electronic power system simulation and modeling
  2. UHV AC/DC transmission
  3. Flexible DC transmission
  4. New development of FACTS technology
  5. DC power distribution and DC microgrid
  6. Stability analysis of power electronic power system
  7. Protection and control of power electronic power system
  • Cyber-physical integration in new power systems
  1. Modeling and simulation of power grid cyber-physical system
  2. Integration of power grid and ICT
  3. Power system network and information security
  4. New power system communication architecture
  5. Application of wide-area measurement system technology
  6. Artificial intelligence in power systems
  7. Big data application in power system
  8. Blockchain technology application
  9. Digital twin technology application
  • Application of new power transmission and distribution technologies in new power systems
  1. Environmentally friendly power transmission and distribution system
  2. Wireless power transmission
  3. Electromagnetic field and new high-voltage technology
  4. Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis
  5. Intelligent equipment operation and maintenance and asset management
  6. New materials and superconducting applications
  7. Large-capacity and high-efficiency energy storage technology

Important Dates

September 15, 2021

Deadline for full text submission

October 8, 2021

Notice date for Full text admission

October 15, 2021

Deadline for Final submission

October 27, 2021

Deadline for Poster submission

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